4 useful traits in a residential architect

We want to help homeowners discover the value of good design and the benefits of using an architect for a residential remodeling project. Our goal is to bring light to the industry as a whole; we are happy to see a homeowner using the professional services of any architect. We have covered in previous columns how to decide if you project requires an architect. Briefly, if you are looking to add on; move walls, windows or doors; or generally reconfigure or repurpose existing space and structure, then you should consider using an architect. When choosing an architect, here are some qualities and traits that will be an asset to you and your remodeling project. Our approach is that we are creating a team that will work together to take on the challenge of your remodeling project, whatever that may be. Therefore, you need people who value teamwork and have the personality and skills needed to function successfully in such a situation. This team will include you as homeowners, the architect and the contractor at a bare minimum. Others who may be involved include the structural engineer, an interior designer, and a landscape designer or architect, among others as needed.


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