7 home improvements to tackle as soon as you move in

Phew! It’s taken months of planning and mountains of paperwork, but you’re finally moving into a home of your very own. Home improvement experts often advise that you save major remodels till after you’ve lived in your new house for a while, so you’ll have time to notice all the things you’d like to change — for instance, awkward traffic patterns or scanty cupboard space. However, the following seven improvements should be tackled as soon as you move in. Hang curtains or blinds. Installing window treatments is an inexpensive quick fix that gives you a lot of bang for your home improvement buck. Not only will you have instant privacy, there’s something about hanging curtains or blinds that jumpstarts the transformation of your empty house into a cozy home. Choose a thermal window treatment and you can even begin saving on your new residence’s heating and cooling bills as of day one. Change the locks — or the actual doors. You never know how many relatives, friends, or passing strangers your home sweet home’s former owner gave keys to.


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