Bathroom should express homeowner’s personal style

Barbara Sallick knows bathrooms. She is the co-founder of the Waterworks brand of luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures, furniture and accessories, which boasts showrooms in more than a dozen cities throughout the country — although Las Vegas is not one of them. Sallick authored the recently published book “The Perfect Bath (Rizzoli International Publications),” and maintains a popular design blog at Both are packed with artsy photos of uber-stylish, utterly elegant bathrooms. She wrote the book “to encourage homeowners and (interior) designers alike to think about the bath in a different way,” she said, “to present the timeless, ancient concept (of bathing) as a means of relaxation, reflection and restoration and help to translate it into a personal reflection of contemporary life.” But don’t let the title fool you: Sallick insists there is no such thing as a “perfect” bathroom. Rather, the space “needs to express one’s personal design, taste and style preferences and the kind of experience you want to create.”


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