Best Builders Explain Their Custom Home Tips

Building someone’s dream home can be a little nerve-wracking at times and cause a variety of emotions. Although there may be some unexpected surprises or unwanted ones, there are some ways you can be prepared. Here is advise from some of the top homebuilders on what to expect and handle building a home.

According to D Magazine, “Patiently letting the preconstruction process play out. All parties, including your builder, are excited to get shovels in the ground. With that said, ensuring you take adequate time to get plans correct in the preconstruction stage will better ensure quality and timelines are hit during the construction stage.”

— Elliott Perry, Hudson Construction Group  

“The time it takes to build. It’s a custom home—crafted with thousands of parts and opportunities for input and creative expression of tastes and styles. That takes time to turn into a reality.”

— Joe Vastano, Joseph Paul Homes

In today’s climate, it seems that the most challenging part of a new build process for a given client would be keeping the same level of excitement and engagement that was had at the onset of the project!”— Eric Pastore, Dettaglio, LLC

“The building process will feel like a roller coaster; it comes in waves. Foundation can feel slow, framing feels fast, MEP rough-in can feel slow, sheetrock goes fast, then you slow down again while painting. Trust the process and trust you hired the right contractor. The ups and downs are natural, and the finished product will be amazing!”

— Blake Byrd, Knox Built Construction

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