Commission Considers PACE Home Improvement Program

Wilton Manors homeowners may soon be able to make major home improvements without having to take out a huge loan or pay the entire cost upfront. City officials are looking into allowing the PACE program [Property Assessed Clean Energy] to be used here. If approved, a qualified homeowner could borrow money and pay it back as part of their annual tax bill. In effect, the amount owed would be attached to the property through a long-term assessment and make it more affordable for homeowners to pay back the loan. There’s also no risk to the city. Funding would be supplied by a third party. The only stipulation is that the improvements must be done to make a home more energy efficient or to make it safer against wind damage, such as a new roof or new water heater. Vice Mayor Scott Newton said he brought up the program because some residents had asked him about it. He said it could help residents make repairs and improvements they otherwise would be unable to afford, benefitting them and the city by making properties look nicer. “It really makes the city look bad. Now they can afford it and it’s not costing them $25,000 or $20,000 at that moment to buy a roof.”


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