Five Construction Tech Tools to Increase Efficiency

More and more contractors are utilizing technology to increase efficiency than ever before

by Dale Thornberry

Contractors and tools go together better than macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and spaghetti and meatballs. And while many construction industry professionals have certain tools they prefer over others, whether it be a specific brand or a favorite app, there are always opportunities for improvement – especially when it comes to new and exciting technology.

The introduction of technology to the construction industry paved the way for the creation of tools to be used by contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Following the advancement of the app and mobile market, these tech tools can now be used anywhere, including online or in the palm of your hand. More and more contractors are utilizing technology to increase efficiency than ever before, and new technological methods of completing projects are introduced every day.

Expenditure in the U.S. for home improvement and repair totaled more than $326.1 billion in 2015, a large part of which stems from the contracting industry. These types of tools make the completion of even the most complex projects much simpler. Construction professionals can use various tech tools to complete renovation projects, connect with home owners, and increase sales efficiency by bringing in more business.

But with so many tech tools available, it can be nearly impossible to identify the right one for the job. To help narrow things down, Remote Sales Force identified the top five tools to help construction professionals increase efficiency and improve current processes.

One Click Contractor
One Click Contractor is a cloud-based platform that transforms the traditional home improvement sales visit into an online experience. Rather than a lengthy in-person conversation, a contractor can visually show homeowners any changes to their property and present home improvement estimates using computer-generated measurements, all while sharing a screen. One Click Contractor provides home improvement companies with consistency in presentation, increased customer satisfaction, a complete visualization and design tool, pricing transparency, and the ability to maintain control over deliverables, including contracts, brochures and a digital signature.

Walabot DIY
With the help of an Android smartphone, construction professionals can use the Walabot DIY to easily detect studs, pipes, and electrical wires within walls. This tool works with walls made of both concrete and drywall, providing added versatility. Traditional stud finders use either magnets to detect metal studs beneath the drywall or electricity to detect the changes in the dielectric constant within the wall. The handheld 3D-imaging sensor scans and detects these objects and alerts the user of its location and depth, saving the contractor time and money.

Renoworks PRO
Eliminating the need for large blueprints and guessing games for final results, Renoworks PRO is a digital home-imaging software that generates virtual renderings of the exterior renovations prior to completion. Construction professionals can make use of the Renoworks PRO technology to create realistic visualizations of home-improvement decisions. These visualizations can then be shared with the home owners for final approval before renovations begin, providing additional peace of mind.

Pro tip: Contractors can use Renoworks PRO in addition to One Click Contractor to maximize efficiency and revolutionize their sales process start to finish.

XOEye Technologies
The XOEye Technologies communication platform uses cloud-based technology to connect team members in order to obtain or share real-time video and content quickly and accurately. Contractors are already using technology to send and receive information, but by connecting virtually in real-time to send, receive, and review information, construction professionals are offered the chance to be more transparent and in-the-know.

GAF e360

Contractors want to save time when estimating a job—and with GAF e360, they can do just that. With the GAF e360 Visualizer and Estimator, a free app that allows contractors to create detailed reports of a home, contractors can save time and money on each job. The app provides accurate pricing, creates less waste from materials which translates into more savings, and can be used as a sales tool by allowing contractors to share and render shingles, siding, and windows with the visualization aspect of the technology.

The use of tech tools, such as the ones listed above, enable construction professionals to work more efficiently. This additional efficiency, in turn, allows them to be more successful by freeing up time to focus on new business or improving other processes. Furthermore, the added support from these technologies empower contractors to bring in additional revenue to their business by streamlining the processes that may be outdated.

Contractors should be taking full advantage of the technology available at their fingertips. The use of technology in the retail and automotive industries has proven instrumental for increasing conversions and revenue; why should the home improvement industry be any different?

Dale Thornberry is a pioneer in satellite and aerial measurement and the CEO of Remote Sales Force, an Indianapolis based company that specializes in construction technology. He may be reached at

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