Customized Smart Home Caters to Family in Need

This past May, Shanna Leavitt’s two daughters were diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system. Within a few weeks of the diagnosis, Leavitt’s youngest child was put in a wheelchair as the symptoms began to impair her muscle coordination. Leavitt realized that in order to keep living in her Calgary-based home, she would have to invest in significant renovations to make the home more functional and accessible for her and her daughters in the years to come. “With the sudden onset of the symptoms, I was having a hard time carrying the kids up and down the stairs. They were both experiencing difficulties controlling the lights and the television, or turning the knob to answer the front door,” Leavitt said. “I knew that I would have to eventually renovate the home to include wheelchair access and improved functionality, even though I didn’t have the funds to do so. One day, I explained all of this to my old friend Gregg Jones, and the rest is history.”


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