What can you get for your money in a kitchen remodel?

You have one room to remodel: the kitchen. You have X number of dollars for the job and that’s it. What can you get for that money? If you’ve had contractors visit your home to make bids, you may have been surprised at the high prices. Before you go further, do a little research into features you want to add. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect to pay, but keep in mind every home has different problems and that prices change all the time. What will $5,000-$7,000 buy? Even this amount can pay for cosmetic improvements to make your kitchen more pleasant, according to local contractors and kitchen designers — but it won’t buy new cabinets. If you really like your cabinets, and you don’t have a large kitchen, you might be able to install granite or quartz countertops and a new sink and faucet at the same time.


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