Why High-End Paint Is Always Worth the Splurge

Whether you’re decorating a room or remodeling a home, choosing a paint to cover the walls may be the most fun part of the process. But while much attention is paid to the aesthetic requirements of a selected color, few people realize how important the paint itself is. An inexpensive brand might make sense in the short term, but higher-quality paint will go on smoother, take longer to dry (meaning brush strokes are less visible), and last longer, demanding fewer retouches down the line. Plus, you won’t need to use as much paint—think one or two coats versus three or four. Why? Paint is made of pigments (the particles that give paint its color), resins (which bind those pigments together to create the film of the final product), and solvents (the liquid carrier that suspends pigments and resins, allowing the paint to spread evenly, and then evaporates as it dries). Less expensive paint is diluted with fillers and extenders and contains larger particles of pigment and binders, resulting in a less consistent coat.


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