Want to remodel your house? You’re not alone, as home improvements rebound to highest since the recession

Thinking about remodeling your home? You might have trouble finding a contractor. “We’re actually turning down work because we’re way too busy,” said Bob Pinault, owner of Anaheim-based R.D. Pinault Custom Builders. “We’re crazy again,” added remodeling contractor Eddie Kesky of Los Alamitos. “We got a lot going on. A lot of people, a lot of calls.” Southern California homeowners are gutting their dens and living rooms, sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms, adding rooms or just tearing down the whole house and starting over. Building-permit data show that home remodeling has been rising steadily since the bottom of the recession in Southern California and throughout the state as homeowners either buy fixer-uppers and upgrade them or decide to stay put and make their current residence a dream home. Homeowners in the region have spent an estimated $12.9 billion on residential “alterations and additions” since the recession, building-permit figures from the California Homebuilding Foundation’s CIRB Report show. And that’s not counting the number of homes torn down and replaced.


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