Home Updates: Next Level Renovation

Older homes have a certain charm; some sort of character that you just don’t find in newer homes. But with that charm and character comes a certain responsibility to maintain and update. Just ask Frank Fitzgerald and John Evans. The couple’s home was built in 1909 and very little had been changed over time: the woodwork had not been painted, the existing pantry and maid’s staircase were intact, and the kitchen itself had had very little done to it outside of simple lower cabinets and a new sink added. “It is a large house for two people so we really did not need additional day-to-day living space, we simply wanted the spaces we have to function better,” Frank says. “For example, we did not have a vent hood over the stove and the refrigerator was in the mudroom next to the kitchen because that is where it fit best.” The couple’s redesign project addressed both of those issues. The kitchen update also included adding a bit of storage space. “I also really liked that our kitchen did not have cupboards in it; the pantry served for storage as it had when the house was built 100+ years ago,” Frank says. “Hence the idea to make the addition look like a large pantry by incorporating the old pantry with a new pantry.”


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