Houzz Study: 33% of House Buyers Plan ‘Home Automation’ Upgrades

There good news and there’s bad news for integrators from the results in a new huge study from online powerhouse Houzz related to home renovations. First, the good news from the 2016 Houzz & Home Study, which had 121,639 respondents: Home automation is the third-most-likely home “system” to be upgraded by both those who are buying a home and those who plan to sell their homes. One-third (33 percent) of people who bought a home in 2015 intend to upgrade or add home automation to their new home. Meanwhile, 16 percent of those who plan to sell in 2016 intend to upgrade or add home automation to make their home more attractive for purchase. Home automation trailed only plumbing (41 percent of buyers/24 percent of sellers) and electrical (42 percent of buyers/18 percent of sellers) and the most common home system planned for upgrade.


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