Keeping cool in the heat

Most of those working in the heat on Wednesday were aware of what precautions to take to prevent overheating. Brent Sumpter, 30, was busy painting the windowsills of the law office of Tom Burcham in downtown Farmington. The temperature was in the mid-90s at 1:30 p.m. as Sumpter worked on the trim of one window – but he was sure to take all necessary measures to keep cool in the heat. “We keep lots of water and make sure we stay hydrated … taking breaks if we start to get too hot,” he said of himself and his co-worker, Chris Kazmierczak, working with Help Improvement – Helping Each Life Prosper. Sumpter was dressed head-to-toe in white – a perfect color to reflect the light – along with a cool, wet rag to stay cool. Plus, Sumpter said, they try to start work earlier in the day as much as possible.


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