Meet JANET from Granite Transformations & TREND Transformations!

New quirky home remodeling design guru describes how to remodel with less stress & mess

Miami, FLIn the historic tradition of quirky comedic commercial spokes personalities, Granite Transformations & TREND Transformations, an International home remodeling franchise company, is launching a new multimedia ad campaign in 2020 to introduce Janet, the new Design Guru, from Granite Transformations & TREND Transformations.

The “Janet” character, portrayed by actress Llana Isaacson, is a smart, witty and no-nonsense spokesperson who pops into the home to thwart a potentially bad home remodeling experience. She proceeds to educate the homeowner on the smarter way to renovate the kitchen or bathroom, using Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations proprietary etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces, along with a unique top-over-top installation process that eliminates much of the stress and mess of a traditional home renovation.

Isaacson was chosen, from Miami, for the starring role after a nation-wide talent search in NY, LA and Miami. The franchisor, RockSolid Granit North America Inc., chose her for the quirky and comedic delivery of her audition which they felt not only fit the character but also made her relatable to customers in both territories (US/UK).

“Quirky characters and funny ads are memorable,” said Vanessa Conde, Vice President of Marketing for RockSolid Granit, the global franchisor to Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations. “Janet presents the process and possibilities in an “I’ve got this” manner highlighting how convenient, efficient, and even fun, it is to have a Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations renovation. Our goal was to highlight our key points of difference in a way that customers would relate to. People don’t want to be displaced from the home for months due to home remodeling, especially in the kitchen. Janet tells them exactly why we are the best option for their renovation needs.”

“The execution of Janet from Granite demonstrates that by listening to our franchise community, who know their customers, we have a campaign that personifies our brand,” said Charlotte Russell, Global COO for RockSolid Granit. “Janet delivers, in an enthusiastic and saucy manner, our main differentiators. And she makes it clear that our franchisees are the highly professional one-stop-shop and done-in-day home remodeling experts!”

The EGC Group developed the Janet campaign and created all of the content elements. The campaign is set to officially launch in January of 2020 and will utilize a wide range of multimedia components including TV, radio, print, social media, direct mail and email ads. The campaign has been piloted on TV in a number of US markets and has already seen success, generating leads by nearly double month-over-month as per initial data findings.

“We created the Janet from Granite campaign to help the brand stand out in the very crowded, noisy home renovation space where everyone is vying for attention but saying the same thing,” said Rich DeSimone, Vice President Creative Director of the EGC Group. “When you look at the category and think about all the types of home renovation shows people watch to get ideas and inspiration, we felt having a personality associated with the brand was the big idea that could really get some traction in the space.”


About Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations

Founded in 1996, Granite Transformations & TREND Transformations is the franchise system of RockSolid Granit North American Inc./United Kingdom. With over 50 locations throughout the US & UK, the company has renovated more than 1 million customer homes and offers a done-in-a-day kitchen and bathroom remodeling solution. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information click on


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