Moisture is the enemy of your stucco patch attempt

I recently tried to patch a crack in the stucco on a freestanding block wall that separates my yard from a neighbor’s yard. I scraped off the damaged area and then put on a patch of textured stucco, all of which ended up looking really crummy. Now I want to fix it before I paint it so that the area will blend in with the rest of the wall. This is the second or third time I’ve had to do this job. If the stucco keeps failing, it’s probably due to moisture intrusion into the wall. You can solve the long-term problem by painting the wall more often with a good exterior paint that has high acrylic content. To fix your immediate problem, you should remove that patch that you just put on and then power wash the wall, let it dry, and apply a concrete glue binder. Then use a sponge trowel that you have bought at a building supply store to float the patch on top of the wall. Once that dries you can repaint.


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