Property Pros: Tips On Living Through A Remodel

Right before most construction projects begin there is the excitement about the project, but also the anxiety of living through it. The end product is always very important, but equally important is my client’s experience during this process. Living through construction does not have to be uncomfortable. Here are some tips to improve your experience. Start with your schedule. Figure out what time construction can start without disrupting your morning routine. At the end of the day, you want to be able to wind down. Always factor in clean up and organizing construction material into the time you want everything done in your home. I recommend using an electronic lockbox to give your contractor accessibility to a key on the door you want them using. Most will let you program the days and times that your keys can be accessed. You can also make different pins for different people so you can track on the digital log who has accessed the lockbox and at what time. Giving accessibility to your contractor will go a long way towards keeping your regular schedule and not being handcuffed to the project.


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