Remodel without sacrificing homes heart & soul

How to remodel without sacrificing an old home’s heart and soul

Steve and Shellie Nast found their Sacramento dream home on T Street. “We knew when we bought it that this was our ‘forever house’ where we’ll live out our years,” Shellie said. “But we didn’t realize how much work it would be.” They bought their home almost two decades ago, but that was only the start of their personal journey. It took many years — and a lot of remodeling — for this Craftsman house to “grow up” with its family and finally fulfill its dreamy potential. Now, the historic home is more than double its original size with a second story perched above its gables. Through careful planning and execution, the addition looks and feels like it’s always been there, echoing the fine details found incorporated into the house when it was built in 1913. Preserving the old in the new has also made this house an inspiration. “We have such an eclectic mix of homes,” Shellie said. “(This neighborhood) is a forgotten gem, isolated from East Sacramento. Most people don’t even know it’s here.” The neighborhood earned its nickname, Elmhurst, from the many big elms that grew on its shady streets. Some of those century-old trees still stand.


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