Remodeling company expands in move to city

A Pennsylvania home remodeling company is moving its Midwest offices and 200 employees from Rosemont to Chicago, but it’s not following the well-worn path to a downtown building. Power Home Remodeling Group leased 31,000 square feet at 2500 W. Bradley Place in the Bradley Business Center in North Center, according to the owner of the property. Chester, Pa.-based Power Home Remodeling is more than quadrupling its space in the move from Rosemont, where it leases 7,000 square feet. “They are a great credit tenant and they’re a national tenant with a good reputation, and they’re bringing jobs into the city,” said John Hansen, owner of Chicago-based Hansen Realty Services, which owns the building in a joint venture with Centrum Partners, also of Chicago. “I think they’re looking for something to attract an employment base.” Several big companies, including Kraft Heinz and Motorola Solutions, have moved from the suburbs to the city the past few years, but most have leased space in downtown towers. For some firms, moving to the city offers an opportunity to change their culture and attract younger workers who live in Chicago and don’t want to commute to suburbs.


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