Remodeling a Kitchen – That Island and Extra Counter Space May Require Some Planning

Most of us who plan a kitchen remodel fantasize that the results will land us in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. You’ve saved enough money to finally put in a beautiful kitchen island. Perhaps, while planning, you consider different design options and negotiate realistic solutions. You may even experience sticker shock along the way. But nothing is sadder than planning to build a kitchen island, or some other form of additional counter space, and realizing there is not enough space to build it. I have taken on kitchen projects where such mishaps occur. The kitchen seems to have enough room for an island, but once we begin to measure and design, it is obvious we’ll miss the minimum recommended space clearance. Generally speaking, kitchen design dictates there be at least 36 inches of clearance between an island and the counter or appliance, such as a refrigerator. A 42-inch clearance is better.

If one side of the island will serve as the walkway between the kitchen and another room, even more clearance space is recommended. Measurements must be precise; even being 4 inches shy of the recommended clearance should give you pause.


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