Former home builder starts DreamMaker remodeling franchise in San Antonio

Marty Cherrie considers himself a “cradle-to-grave construction guy.” The former commercial and residential builder has been part of the construction industry his entire adult life, working alongside his father for decades before taking over the family business. During the peak years of his business, it generated more than $12 million in annual sales. Then, 2007 brought the Great Recession. As sales stalled and banks called in loans, Cherrie was left in a situation, like many other builders, in which projects already underway could not be completed. After 25 years of owning successful businesses, “I was broke,” he said. After 50 years in California, a new job with a national real estate firm led him and his wife, Sandy, to San Antonio. He loved Texas, but not the new job. After a lifetime as an entrepreneur, being an employee was an uncomfortable yoke, so he started looking for new opportunities that would fully tap into his skills and know-how.


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