RoyOMartin Rebrands, Expands its Eclipse™ Product Line

Updated nomenclature better defines the products, their uses and benefits

RoyOMartin has unveiled updated branding for its popular Eclipse™ line of radiant barrier oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing products and expanded the line. Alexandria, La.-based RoyOMartin manufactures OSB and plywood at plants in Louisiana and soon in Texas.

“Eclipse ™ Air & Moisture Barrier is a panel and tape method that integrates the energy efficiency of a radiant barrier and the benefits associated with diffusing vapor and air in a single housewrap product,” said Leigh Ann Purvis, RoyOMartin’s marketing and corporate communications manager. “We’ve also widened our tape from two inches to five, and reports from the field confirm that we achieved our objective of making the panels easier and faster to install.”

A new wall-sheathing product, Eclipse ™ Weather-Resistant Barrier, is also a panel and tape combination that integrates, in a single housewrap product, the energy efficiency of a radiant barrier with the benefits of a weather-resistant barrier.

The Eclipse ™ roofing product, Eclipse ™ OSB Radiant Barrier, is installed with the reflective foil facing down. It works by reducing the amount of radiation incident on, and heat flow through, the insulation, serving to attain maximum energy efficiencies.

In wall applications, Eclipse ™ panels install with the foil or weather-resistant barrier facing outward. Seams and corners taped with approved tape control vapor and air movement while maintaining breathability.

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