Staging a home for millennial buyers: Don’t make it look like Grandma’s house

Most buyers want a home that’s light, bright and sparkling clean. Millennials, the generation born from 1980 to 1995, also want a home that’s move-in ready, modernized and furnished with all the colors and comforts of a Pottery Barn store. “No millennial wants to buy Grandma’s house,” says Melinda Bartling, a home stager and Realtor at Keller Williams Partners in Overland Park, Kansas. “And a lot of them don’t want to buy their parents’ house. It needs to be hip. It needs to be fresh.” Virtually all newly built production homes offer this look. But many older homes don’t even come close. That presents a dilemma for sellers: How can they update their older residence to appeal to these younger buyers? The answer involves staging a home to make it more “presentable” to these buyers, says Paige Elliott, a Realtor at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate in Park Cities, Texas, north of Dallas.


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