Stardust Building Supplies brings new line of affordable recycled paint to Glendale

Home improvement thrift store, Stardust Building Supplies, is the first in the Phoenix Metro area to carry GreenSheen paint, a premium eco-friendly latex paint made by a Colorado-based paint disposal and recycling company. Available at all three of Stardust’s Valley locations, including Glendale, GreenSheen paint is sold at just $16 for a one-gallon can and $70 for a five-gallon bucket, which is a fraction of the cost of traditional paint. Made from 100 percent reclaimed paint, GreenSheen collects excess latex paint from businesses and individuals, which it then recycles into quality-tested paint. Ideal for interior or exterior use, the paint provides excellent coverage and durability, and is naturally lower in VOCs. The eco-friendly paint is also available in 17 different colors, including sage, brick, orange and violet, in addition to a variety of neutral greys, creams and white.


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