Tips on renovations that work

North Fulton – You’ve probably heard the standard advice about which renovation projects make sense, give you the greatest return on your investment. You know, revamp the bathroom, don’t put in a pool. Well, this is not that. Here’s a whole new perspective.  Celebrity contractor Chip Wade gives us a fresh, new way to look at how you should or maybe shouldn’t spend your money.  “With renovation it’s really about knowing more about how you want to live in your environment. And that’s a step everyone skips over too fast,” said Chip Wade of HGTV’s “Elbow Room.” This Georgia Tech grad said, if you don’t plan your renovation for how you actually live, you waste money, plain and simple. Engineer turned home renovator said start by knowing that you rarely get a full return on your renovation investment, so you want to plan wisely. “From a recent study from the Association of Realtors, there is one thing that you can do, generically speaking across the board, which is to replace your front door which gives you on average 101 percent return on your investment. Every other item, whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, it’s 60 or 70 percent return on your investment,” he said.


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