VR report says consumer interest in virtual reality goes far beyond games

Consumer interest in virtual reality goes far beyond gaming, according to the latest research from Greenlight VR. In addition to games, consumers want to use VR for travel, entertainment, events, home design, and education. The market research company also said in its 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Report that consumers are less interested in paying a lot for VR now than they were back in October. And the survey said that the top VR device that consumers want now is the Samsung Gear VR, followed by the PlayStation VR. (We are having a panel on “AR/VR beyond gaming” at our GamesBeat 2016 event in Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles. So far, the panelists include Jules Urbach, CEO of Otoy and Sylvio Drouin, executive vice president of Unity Labs at Unity Technologies.)


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