Cool Spaces: 1865 Ohio City home gets addition and energy-efficient updates

James and Chris Hicks had too much property in their lives. They lived in a huge Victorian in Ohio City while restoring a 300-year-old log cabin in southern Ohio. A move to condo living sounded like the thing to do, so they sold the Victorian and moved into the turn-of-the-century Franklin Lofts in Cleveland. They stayed in the new place for just four years. Even the condo’s rooftop deck with city views couldn’t persuade them to stay any longer. “I just missed having a yard and a house,” said James, 65. “I’m not a condo person.” While house hunting, the couple visited a 1865 cottage in Ohio City. Chris, 64, didn’t like the fact that the front door opened right onto the brick-lined West 29th Street. The front lawn was merely a flower bed. But her husband reminded her that the houses in Colonial Williamsburg are the same. The couple frequently visits the living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia.


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