Ask the Contractor: How to ensure your roofing has the same color

In our column two weeks ago we talked about curb appeal for your home and roof shingles were discussed. B.K. from Prescott Valley sent me a sweet note and asked, “How do you determine what’s outdated in roof shingles?” With all of the hail damaged roofs being replaced I have noticed some roofs with large areas of different colors and tones than the rest of the roof and outdated colors. Here is the clue for ensuring you are receiving up-to-date shingles for your roofs. There are many ways that the potential for color variation can be further reduced using some simple shingle installation tips as well. As a homeowner you should be aware of the “blend code” on the ends of the shingle bundles. When a shingle manufacturer changes the granule ratios in a blend, the blend gets a new “code,” which is an alpha-numeric designation after the color name; i.e., Heather Brown A02. Products with different blend codes should never be mixed on the same roof, as they will look different. Heather Brown A01 should not be mixed with Heather Brown A02. Although they will be similar multi-toned brown blends, one will be darker, lighter, sharper, etc. relative to the other one.


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