New trend for home buyers: Your agent is also your renovation architect

Your dream house is bought. At a good price. In the best location. All it needs is a rethink. Open up the kitchen. Put in a door to the back yard. Take down two walls. Not a big deal. Well, actually, it’s a very big deal. “Homeowners don’t realize how complicated renovations can be with literally hundreds of decisions that need to be made. A renovation project can certainly benefit from an adviser,” said Theo Adamstein, sales associate at TTR Sothebys International Realty and founder of Adamstein Consultants. That’s why using a multidisciplinary approach to real estate investing — melding sales with design services by serving as a client’s real estate agent and architect — is something several firms are beginning to do. “This hybrid advice is starting to bud and becoming a new path,” said John Coplen, co-founder of the Alter Urban Group + Evers & Co. Real Estate with John Sage.


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