A neglected house becomes a home in the Hudson Valley

Every week, our House Calls feature takes you into homes with great style, big personality, and ineffable soul. Today we visit the Clinton, New York, home of Nepal Asatthawasi and Chris Mottalini. Frustrated by the lack of homes in their price range in Brooklyn, they started looking farther afield. The house they found in the Hudson Valley wasn’t perfect, so they had to work to make it a fit for them. The learning curve was steep, but the potential rewards were great. Asatthawasi and Mottalini have long rented in Brooklyn, and they love it, but they also wanted a place of their own. Sky-high housing prices caused them to look beyond their back door. “I grew up in Buffalo and Hyde Park, and my dad lives in Hudson Valley, so Upstate New York wasn’t unfamiliar to me,” says Mottalini.


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