Millennial homeowners spend more to remodel kitchens and baths, study says

A recent National Kitchen and Bath Association survey suggests that millennial homeowners are outspending those in other age groups when remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms. “The research found that millennials spend an average of 17.7 percent more than the $19,155 typically invested in a kitchen remodel, and 42.3 percent more than the $11,364 normally allocated to remodel a bathroom.” That translates to an average of $22,508 for kitchens and $16,421 for among “emerging millennials,” defined as ages 18 to 37 in the study group. The survey, which polled 513 homeowners age 18 to 68 or older, also found that younger home improvers are, not surprisingly, more likely to “value internet searches and information from friends and family members more than other age groups.” Customer reviews online also were found to be more important to millennials when selecting kitchen products compared to other age brackets.


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