October is Kitchen and Bath Month

We’re not exactly sure how one should celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month. But at the very least we suggest you treat your kitchen to some new dishtowels or give your bathroom a bottle of top-of-the-line liquid soap instead of the stuff you usually buy at the discount store for 99 cents. We’re all for any celebration, including giving October this honor. And all kidding aside, kitchens and baths play a huge role in the real estate business. The old adage, “kitchens and baths sell homes,” may be trite, but it still rings true today. Especially today. We went through decades where not much changed in those rooms except trendy colors and minor upgrades in appliances. Then home technology exploded and today’s contemporary kitchens and baths can be far different than what they were 10 years ago. But it depends on what homeowners want. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (KNBA) reported that according to its 2016 Design Trends Survey, traditional style kitchens were still the most popular.


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