Retro Renovation: Making the paneling work

Considering that my career is all about home decorating, I’m obviously all for making your home look good. I champion updates such as replacing countertops, remodeling bathrooms and so on. However, there are times when we don’t have the money to make those updates, and instead we get creative and update our laminate counters with a can of chalkboard paint. There are also times when I prefer to embrace design aesthetics that a home may have, even when others would consider that aesthetic dated. This is exactly what I did with our den. Instead of ripping out that paneling from the ’70s, we opted to keep it and work with it. Here are five ways we made the paneling work. Painted the trim: I painted all the trim, bookshelves and a ledge that runs along one wall of the den black. I also painted the fireplace the same black color. This helped to pull out the black in the paneling, instead of it being just a sea of brown.


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