Shingled fixer-upper, remodeled, becomes a cozy family home

Connecticut natives Brian and Nicole Meadows didn’t want this house the first time they saw it. Their distaste grew on subsequent visits. “The last time we looked before buying it, I walked out with tears in my eyes,” says Nicole. But the charming neighborhood and landscape kept them coming back. “We wanted to live in Stonington. It’s a beautiful region that’s close to the water and with a lot of cool history,” Nicole says. “We chose this house because, even though it needed work, we recognized that our options were slim and that location was way more important than the house. For our children [three boys ranging from 10 to 6], the location was magical.” The house is within walking distance of Long Island Sound, on the edge of a salt water marsh. The interior was far less scenic. The place had been used as a vacation home for many years and deferred maintenance had taken a toll. “After we purchased it, and everything had been removed, we realized we were in over our heads,” Nicole says. The first clue was when, on the day they took possession, her foot broke through a rotted floor. They were preparing to move right in, but changed their course on a dime.


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