Signs You Need to Upgrade or Sell Your House

So your house isn’t perfect — it’s looking a little dingy, or you feel crammed into a too-small space, and that deck you’ve always wanted still hasn’t been built. But, how do you know what’s worth renovating and when you should give up and relocate? “Not everything is fixable, but if it’s a smaller project or will really increase the value of the home, it may be worth doing rather than giving up and moving,” said Stephanie Hartwick, an independent agent with Keller Williams Realty. These six situations show that sometimes it’s OK to spend money on upgrades and renovations, and sometimes, it’s better to sell your home and move on. Even if you have enough land and clearance from your neighbors, adding another bedroom to an existing home can be costly. The actual price of such an addition largely depends on where you live and how big the new room is, but the average addition costs over $40,000, according to estimates from


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