Ways Consumers Rate a Remodeler’s Professionalism

  1. They check to see of they are listed on the NAHB’s remodeler directory
  2. They look for a permanent business location along with their reputation amongst local banks or product suppliers
  3. They ask or research how long the contractor has been in the building business. Traditionally, it takes about three to five years to establish a financially sound business. Consumers want to be sure the business and contractor will be available for to service any warranties after construction is complete.
  4. They check to see if any complaints have been filed with the local Better Business Bureau.
  5. They check to see if the builder or the remodeler has sufficient workers compensation and general liability. They don’t want to liable for any construction-related accidents happening at their home.
  6. They ask to see past work, but completed and in progress. They do this to see the quality of workmanship and materials.
  7. They want to be able to communicate well, and easily with the remodeler. Proving to the consumer that you are easy to talk to and get ahold of will pay off.
  8. They want a clear, and complete written contract, as well as a home warranty and homeowner manual if applicable.
  9. They are cautious of bills that are unusually low-priced. If the consumer is looking for good materials to be used, they will expect the bill to reflect so.
  10. They may check to verify that you are an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator if you’re working on a home build before 1978.

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